Nestled within a thicket on the outskirts of the Piana di Lomasothe Castle far only few kilometres from the Lake Garda, is a monumental Trentino castle complex featuring three towers enclosing an elegant medieval courtyard. Is your perfect venue for a Princely wedding.

Spectacular from an architectonic point of view, the castle boasts Medieval and Romantic contaminations as well as Neo-Gothic flavours, especially in the halls. Its striking inner courtyard contains three rows of arcades, opened at different times. The five, large arches of the colonnade are supported by red stone columns, taken from the remains of a previous building dating back to the 4th century.

This Castle is available for weddings and small summits, for a maximum of 100 people. Spaces available include:

The courtyard and adjacent spaces

The outdoor courtyard (weather permitting) is a lovely space for performances, concerts, buffet meals, or smaller sit-down affairs. Adjacent spaces include: – The ancient, very spacious, kitchen; – a frescoed room on the ground floor (mq 200); – the garden and the outdoor terrace. There are also two rooms available on the fourth floor, with a capacity of 80 people.