talented wedding photographer

A Talented Wedding Photographer Interview

Over the last years, I had the privilege of interacting with many wedding photographers from around the world discussing their work, vision and style of photography. Today I want to share with you A Special Talented Wedding Photographer Interview

My first ‘victim’ was Magdalena Głowacka better known as Fotomagoria a very talented wedding photographer.

I believe in concidences and meeting a Talented Wedding Photographer has been one of them.

We met at the gym during our  yoga class. We start talking about her upcoming weekend in the Dolomites and we discovered that we were working in the same business.

R: How did you find out you love photography?

M.: It took me a while to discover this!

Without being a parent I wouldn’t know what I want from life and how much the quality of life depends on me. I wouldn’t be so aware of the time passing and the need of facing all challenges and fears here and now.

R.: What does it mean to you being a wedding photographer?

M.: Being a wedding photographer makes me feel happy and lucky. I couldn’t imagine any better occupation.

talented wedding photographer
talented wedding photographer

R.: When did you start photographer?

M.: My passion for photography  started in my youth became a real adventure with really wonderful people around the world.

I love traveling with my camper, photographing outdoor, rustic weddings, Mediterranean colors, boats, wood, moss, stones, winds and mists of the north. New places make me creative but the biggest adventure I find in getting to know people and their relations.

R.: What’s the meaning of your nickname?

M.: The unique name of Fotomagoria is inspired by the word and feeling of ‘fantasmagoria’. This word represents the intersection of real and imaginary and perfectly describes her own work, aesthetic and inspiration.

talented wedding phtographer

R.: How do the couples choose the right wedding photographer?

M.: Before you choose the right one, spend time visiting their websites, Instagram and Pinterest pages that are a great source of inspiration.

Find out if you like his style the same way in different lighting conditions. Give yourself time to feel the chemistry.


talented wedding photographer

R.: What do brides want in a wedding photographer?

M.: the Brides need someone to guide her in matters she hasn’t dealt with.

They have the right to require from their wedding photographer discretion, flexibility, emotional maturity, outfit tailored to the situation.

talented wedding photographer
talended wedding photographer

R.: What makes a great wedding photographer?

M.: Some fundamental characteristics that tell how great a photographer is beyond the mastery of his photos, the timelessness, the sensitivity in arousing emotions, but above all it is the personality that counts.

What do we think about Magdalena’s pics?

The story Magdalena tells is yours to forever cherish, and she brings it to life through her own photojournalistic and editorial approach.

It’s her true passion to capture celebrations of love across the world and make them as unique and surreal as possible.