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Scheduling a wedding venue walk-through

Interviewing Eglantina Ruko

Scheduling a wedding venue walk-through is a valuable step in the wedding planning process, allowing couples to explore the space, ask questions, and meet staff members who will be involved on their special day. During a recent conversation with Eglantina Ruko, General Manager of Laticastelli Country Relais in Tuscany, we gained insights into the key questions couples should consider during such visits.

Roberta (R): What should be the first question couples ask when visiting a wedding venue?

Eglantina (E): Many couples first encounter venues online. It’s crucial to request not just general information but also photos of different areas. Websites can sometimes be outdated, and not all venues appear as they do online.

R: How long should couples plan for a venue tour?

E: Laticastelli is a vast village with beautiful outdoor spaces. I recommend dedicating at least a couple of hours to the walk-through. It’s essential for the bride and groom to experience the venue. That’s why I often suggest staying overnight with us.

R: Should the size and formality of the event influence the venue choice?

E: Couples must consider the type of event they desire. Is the room too large or small for your event? Can it be adjusted? If the venue doesn’t align with your desired atmosphere, transforming it might require significant expenses. It’s wise to ask for pictures of past events to assess its flexibility.

R: What essential details should couples know before booking a venue?

E: Couples should confirm the venue’s capacity for both plan A and Plan B, covering all aspects of the wedding day, from the ceremony to the party. Everything else can be decided collaboratively.

R: How far in advance should couples book a wedding venue?

E: Ideally, couples should book the venue between 2 years to 6 months before the wedding. This timeframe allows ample time for thorough organization.

R: What elements should couples look for in wedding venue contracts?

E: Wedding venue contracts serve as agreements ensuring the interests of both parties. They outline the venue’s offerings, agreed prices, payment methods, and cancellation policies, providing clarity and security for the bride and groom.

R: What questions should couples ask during the final venue walkthrough?

E: Couples should prepare a list of questions, focusing on aspects crucial to the overall event. While detailed discussions can occur after booking, addressing fundamental concerns during the walkthrough helps shape the big picture.

Eglantina Ruko, General Manager of Borgo Laticastelli Relais since 2018, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the world of weddings, guiding couples through the intricate process of selecting the perfect venue for their special day.