Winter Weddings - The Different Twins

Winter Weddings

The perks of a white wedding

Thinking of a white wedding? What season could be more enchanting than winter? While some might consider it chilly, you understand that winter is a season of pure jubilation. 

The number of winter wedding taking place every year is increasing. Although off-season rates are a factor for many couple’s, there are lots of reasons to have your big day during the winter months. Every winter bride dreams of a magical sprinkling of snow. If you’re worried about the weather on your wedding day, just remember that bad weather weddings often yield the most extraordinary photographs!

Your shoes or boots in case it’s cold will help you to add a twist to your look, and there are lots of ideas to choose from. Wanna sparkle? Buy a glitter pair of shoes. Don’t wanna freeze outside? Fur boots (maybe even high ones) are for you! Wanna be in trend? Choose bridal UGGS and personalize them!

A ceremony in the snow will make your wedding day exceptionally special and unique. Fireplaces, stoves, and mulled wine will envelop the bride, groom, and guests in a magical atmosphere. Let’s embrace unique ornaments such as romantic branched candlesticks, glistening crystal drops, winter gardens, delicate ice crystals, snowflakes, and snowy ski slopes to enhance the enchantment of the occasion.

Planning a winter wedding brings its own set of advantages, especially when it comes to availability and flexibility. In summer and fall, venues, photographers, and caterers are often fully booked up to a year or more in advance. However, with winter weddings, you have the luxury of planning on shorter notice, allowing you to secure the exact venue, photographer, and caterers you desire.

Imagine the allure of roaring fireplaces, bone-warming cocktails, luxurious faux-fur wraps, and glistening snow — is there anything more inherently romantic?

When asking your guests to cozy up for your celebration, why not fully embrace the season by choosing a venue that maximizes the winter charm? Here are some of our favorites:

The Castle

Prösels Castle, built around 1200 by the Counts von Völs, loyal servants of the Bishops of Bressanone in Alto Adige, provides an unforgettable setting for your wedding. This historic location offers the enchanting courtyard, the idyllic chapel, the sun-filled terrace with panoramic views, and the cozy lounge with a fireplace. The splendid Knight’s Hall serves as a unique and atmospheric space for your wedding reception.

The Chalet

Winter in the Dolomites is nothing short of magical. Picture yourself in an elegant mountain chalet like ColPradat nestled among the pine trees, where peace, family, and friendship naturally converge. For a wedding weekend, your guests can even venture onto the slopes, as the chalet offers on-site ski facilities, providing all the necessary equipment to enjoy the surrounding winter sport domains of the Dolomites.

5 Star Hotel

VIPs have long recognized the allure of marrying in the mountains for its unique privacy and unforeseen glamour set against the breathtaking landscape. Cristallo Hotel in Cortina is a world of enchantment where dreams can truly come to life. This luxurious residence is situated in a panorama that retains the charm of the Belle Époque era. It offers opulent accommodation for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in grand style, all within the embrace of stunning natural surroundings.