7 wedding locations in Valpolicella: the dream frames for unforgettable weddings

When one envisions weddings in Italy, iconic places like the Tuscan hills, the charming alleys of the Amalfi Coast, and the historic marvels of Venice, Florence, and Rome often come to mind. However, Italy’s beauty goes beyond the well-trodden path, hiding exquisite sites in every corner and region. Valpolicella, the scenic hilly region nestled between Verona, the city of love, and the magnificent Lake Garda, is one such hidden gem. Here, amidst nature, history, and gastronomy, lies the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable destination wedding in Italy. But what are the 7 ideal wedding locations in Valpolicella to say those magical words, “I do!”?  
1. Villa Mosconi Bertani
Located just fifteen minutes from Verona, the exclusive Villa Mosconi Bertani is synonymous of exclusivity. Unique is its wonderful neoclassical façade as well as the English-style garden, the historic vineyards with the Cellar (the first to have produced Amarone), the two gardens and the romantic park of eight hectares. Also very famous: the Salone delle Muse, the splendid English-style garden and the eleven living rooms different in sizes, all on one floor that allow you to plan the event in several areas of the location. Inside it is also possible to celebrate civil ceremonies.  
2. Villa Rizzardi
Villa Rizzardi expands over several floors and is surrounded by a splendid Italian garden, one of the last remaining examples in the area. Its spaces – both internal and external – make the location unique as its Verzura Theater, the lemon house, the secret garden, the Belvedere, the Viale dei Carpini within which it is possible to carry out civil ceremonies and receptions. All surrounded by nature and a suggestive atmosphere. Without forgetting the Garden of Pojega, designed by the architect Luigi Trezza and inspired by the gardens of the Venetian tradition of the ‘500. A garden that changed the trends of the time by highlighting the sophisticated Italian gardens instead of the English ones, that were so in vogue at that time.  
3. Villa Giona
Built between the end of 1400 and the early 1500s in Cengia di Nogaine, Villa Giona is one of the most beautiful historic Renaissance residences in Valpolicella. Inside it is possible to celebrate symbolic and civil ceremonies for a total number of about 80 guests. In addition to the beauty and the wonderful historical and artistic experience, what makes it unique in its kind is the internal restaurant and the medieval tower, also known as the privately owned winehouse.  
4. Villa Serego Alighieri
A few kilometers away from Lake Garda and Verona stands Villa Serego Alighieri, a historic residence owned by the Serego Alighieri family, descendants of the great poet Dante Alighieri. It is located in the heart of the classic Valpolicella and for over six hundred and fifty years it has represented the longest historical, cultural and winemaking tradition. The internal and external rooms such as the courtyard, the Barchessa, the garden and the park can also be used for private events and wedding receptions. Finally, the Serego Alighieri Estate, in addition to the stay, offers the possibility of organizing tasting and wine experience itineraries. Perfect for a vineyard wedding weekend!  
5. Villa Cordevigo
Have you ever thought of choosing a Wine relais as a location for your wedding? Villa Cordevigo represents just that, a relais immersed in the lush greenery of the Venetian nature. An exclusive location that focuses on sustainability, wellness, the authentic aromas, and flavours of the territory thanks to the Villabella Vineyards. Inside it is also possible to celebrate both religious ceremonies, in the small church of San Martino, or symbolic rituals in one of the wonderful corners of the estate.  
6. Villa Torre Allegrini
Wine & Art Relais Villa Torre Allegrini, a blend of history, art, and love for the region, offers an enchanting setting. Among the uncontaminated nature, its works of art and its precious grapes vineyards, at Villa Torre it is possible to celebrate religious ceremonies with a Catholic rite in the Sanmicheliano temple. And to end in style, in addition to the classic reception you can enjoy surprising moments of show cooking, in the company of your better half and the guests.  
7. Villa Arvedi
If your desire is to live the big day in an elegant and refined context, surrounded by frescoes, a wonderful Italian garden, typical furnishings and an atmosphere of other times, Villa Arvedi is what you are looking for. Just a few kilometers from Verona, you will be immersed in a unique context where you can pronounce the fateful “I do!” with a civil ceremony to continue with an unforgettable reception just like the Arabian Nights.