A Historic Tuscan Village Wedding: Caprese Michelangelo

If you’re dreaming of a wedding in a historic Tuscan village, let us introduce you to Caprese Michelangelo.

Caprese Michelangelo owes its name to Michelangelo Buonarroti. The renowned artist was born here on March 6, 1475, while his father Ludovico served as a Podestà. This charming village is nestled on the Apennine Ridge, in the greenest area of the Tuscan Val Tiberina, just a few kilometers from Anghiari, the town where the famous Guelphes-Ghibellines battle took place. After the 1860 plebiscite, Caprese, like all of Tuscany, became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, eventually becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy.

This valley is often called “The Little Valley of God” due to its serene and secluded beauty.

Caprese Michelangelo is renowned for its delicacies, especially mushrooms and truffles, which are integral to its economy and culinary tradition. The village is also home to the famous Chianina, a PGI-certified cattle breed known worldwide for the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, raised semi-wild in the vast pastures.

Additionally, Caprese Michelangelo holds historical significance as part of The St Francis Way or Cammino di Francesco, evident in the “Eremo della Casella” on Monte Foresto, where St. Francis began his walk. The village preserves the memory of Buonarroti in the Church of Saint Giovanni and the Mura Castellane, which houses the Museo Michelangiolesco. The Casa Natale and the Palazzo Clusini, now a public office for civil marriage, offer couples a chance to say their “Yes, I do” surrounded by historical ambiance and panoramic beauty.

Another excellent option for wedding banquets is the Il Cerro restaurant, run by Annalisa and Alfredo. Their passion for great cuisine shines through in dishes like Meat “agnolotti” with truffles and grilled fillet steak with porcini mushrooms, all made from the region’s finest ingredients. The restaurant’s spacious halls, rooms, and well-kept garden create a perfect setting for important ceremonies.

For accommodations, the agritourism “Terra di Michelangelo” in San Polo near Caprese Michelangelo offers peace and tranquility. The six holiday apartments cater to all guest needs, and the large swimming pool in the surrounding park provides a relaxing spot for guests to unwind.

One of Caprese Michelangelo’s highlights is the panoramic terrace of the agritourism Terra di Michelangelo. This 200-square-meter terrace offers breathtaking views of the Fumaiolo mountain, the “Alpe della Luna” mountains, the Montedoglio lake, and the Tuscan and Umbrian Valtiberina, making it an ideal location for dinner, outdoor ceremonies, and unforgettable photographs.

Moreover, Caprese Michelangelo boasts two beautiful historical churches: the Church of San Polo, dating back to the XI century, located near the agriturism Terra di Michelangelo, and a smaller one down the castle, perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies.

Italian and foreign couples can celebrate their Catholic religious marriage in these historical churches, adding a touch of timeless beauty to their wedding in Tuscany.