Destination wedding in Sicily with TDT’s team

There’s some rumbling on Sicily, and it’s not just Mount Etna. A new wave of tourism is washing over the Mediterranean island: the trend of getting married in Sicily! TDT’s team can turn your dream of a destination wedding in Sicily into reality. Sicily, where local charm meets natural beauty, provides the ideal backdrop for your wedding or elopement. It is the largest of the Italian islands, separated from the Continent by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the Ionian, Tyrrhenian, and Mediterranean Seas. Sicily, one of the gems of Southern Italy, can be explored, understood, and experienced through a series of itineraries dedicated to various interests, ranging from nature to history and traditions. The romance of Sicily is unparalleled, with picturesque backdrops of rolling countryside, the Ionian Sea, and charming towns complete with cobblestone paths and friendly locals.
Influenced by Arab, Spanish, and French cuisines, Sicilian cuisine stands in a class of its own. The island offers a plethora of palate-dazzling delights that you must savor during your visit. Don’t miss the Granita, a frozen dessert made of thin ice flakes churned with fresh fruit, nuts, or coffee, sweetened with sugar typical of the provinces of Catania and Syracuse. Locals often begin their day with a granita paired with a doughy brioche for breakfast. Other specialties include the king of Palermo, meaning Panelle (chickpea fritters), Caponata (eggplant salad), Sfincione (not your ordinary pizza), Macco (creamy soup), Couscous alla trapanese, Cassata (the most elegant Sicilian dessert), and various cheeses made from cow and sheep milk, from fresh tuma to aged caciocavallo.
If you’re traveling from Europe, it’s convenient to fly into Sicily through Catania Airport (CTA), Palermo Airport (PMO), Trapani Airport (TPS), or Comiso (CIY). The choice of airport depends on the flight’s convenience and your destination, as Palermo and Trapani are in eastern Sicily, while Catania and Comiso are in the western part of the island.
Several villas, resorts, castles, and country houses are perfect for wedding day festivities. They offer ample space, stunning settings, a touch of luxury, and highly professional service.
Sicily enjoys a constant warmth and low, though not absent, rainfall, creating ideal conditions for citrus fruit cultivation. The hillsides are lush and green for most of the year, adorned with lemon and orange groves in the lowlands. Summer, from June through September, is hot and dry, with abundant sunshine. Average high temperatures reach 23°C in June, rising to 26°C in July and August before dropping to 24°C in September.