8 typical Italian dishes to propose at your wedding dinner and much more….

When we talk about Tuscany we thought about rolling hills, wonderful sunset on the Florence view, or  the gold beach on the cost. But when we talk about food…. Our mouth is watering.

What I have really to taste in Tuscany?


Pappa al pomodoro (vegetarian)

It is the top food for the foreign couples, it has to be in every wedding menu. It is a poor food made up of 3 simple ingredients: stale bread, tomatoes, evo olive oil. It is possible to add in it basil, garlic or chilli pepper.

Ribollita (vegetarian)

It is a very popular winter dish.  It is a soup with cabbage, bins, onions and carrots. The black cabbage is basic and it grows up only in winter. As for the Pappa al Pomodoro the first ingredient is the stale bread. The name RIBOLLITA means re-cooked and it let us understand the soup was eaten  the day after the cooking, adding the bread and warming up with some evo olive oil.

Panzanella (vegetarian)

Popular Tuscan dish realized with stale bread, red onion and basil with vinegar and olive oil. Boccaccio was usual to eat it! The bread has to be dipped in the water for at least 10 minutes, squeezed out and mixed with the other ingredients. The most popular recipe is with cucumber and tomato. It is a cold dish. Really appreciate in the summer aperitif buffet.

Castagnaccio (vegetarian)

Typical fall dessert, made up of chestnut flour.  It is enriched with pine nut and raisin, nuts and rosemary. Also this is a really poor dish, from the peasant culture. To try with ricotta cheese and honey.

Florentine T-Bone

We cannot forget to talk about the queen of the Tuscan kitchen: Florentine t-bone, usually called BISTECCA or onlyFIORENTINA. The only way to cook it is on the grill, a few minutes every side, carefully turn it without punch it. 5 minutes every side and it is ready!!!! Evo oil and some pepper and the great work is done. Often you find it in the wedding menu as Tagliata, it is just cutted in slice and serve!

Lardo di Colonnata (meat)

It is a IGP recognised cold cut it is from the mountains between Tuscany and Liguria. It is made of pork fat and aged in the valley of Carrara marble. Spiced with garlic, pepper, cloves, coriander and sage. It is perfect for bruschetta, that is toasted Tuscan bread  and the fat is put on the bread while it is still hot. It is a perfect finger food for the wedding aperitif.

Cacciucco (fish soup)

Typical fish dish from the Tuscan cost. The most famous recipe is from Livorno and Viareggio. It is a soup with tomato and poor fish, in the past the used the wasted fish adding mollusc and crustacean. It is served with garlic toasted bread and evo oil. It is usually ate drinking red wine, it is perfect for a sea side wedding.

Lampredotto (meat)

It is a really difficult food to eat but it is really really popular so we have to propose it for a Tuscan wedding. It is the king of the Florence’s sandwich. Lampredotto meat is made up of the fourth beef stomach. It has a hard taste. It is cooked for long time in water with tomato, onion, parsley and  celery. It is eaten in a sandwich with a green sauce made of garlic and parsley. You can find it is several kiosk around the Tuscan cities.