Valpolicella region is a hilly area right around the city of Verona. This area goes from west, direction to the Lake Gardawhere there are the most ancient vineyards and the historic heart of the wine making, to est, where young and modern wine-makers are creating a new market. The town halls part of this region are 8: Negrar, Fumane, Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, San Pietro in Cariano, Pescantina, Marano di Valpolicella, Dolcè and Sant’Anna di Alfaedo.

Valpolicella region is ever considered fertile because of its many flow that favourite the agriculture. The breath-taking panoramas of luxuriant vineyards and natural architectural beauty, the nice weather, gives to that region a large charm; here you can have a wonderful wine and gastronomical trip starting from the noble drops of red wine Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore and Ripasso, Amarone, and Recioto to arrive to the typical tasty Veronesi’s cheeses and cold cuts. In Lessina and in Valpolicella there is a big tradition of pork cured meats like: sopressa, salame, salamella, mortadella, cotechino, speck and ham.

The typical cheese of Verona and Veneto region is the Monte Veronese. The olive oil production is really important too in the Verona’s territory, from Lake Garda to Valpolicella, Valpantena and Val d’Illasi.

From the historical and the architectural point of view, the Valpolicella region is surrounded by fantastic Villas and Palaces, parks and ancient churches that are full of charm and beauty.

The Villa Veneta culture was born from the XV to the XV-III century when the dominance of Scala’s family ended and the Republic of Venice promoted the estate investment. The ancient noble families invested all their patrimony in lands and created fruitful farms. The workers and the equipments were located in the rural courtyard but the ancient families wanted to preserve their image and they transformed the rural houses in rich palaces full of statues, marble and frescos.

The extraordinary Andrea Palladio with his elegant architectural model proposed again the glory of the classical style blocked for a long time from the Middle Ages.

Lots of elegant villas were built during the renaissance from very important noble families that sometimes lives there nowadays. This villas are in marvellous positions and they are surrounded by wonderful parks and gardens.

The Valpoliccella region is fascinating in every season because the vineyards gives wonderful breath-taken views. Lots of wine makers opened the winery to wine tastings and some had nice B&B. There are lots of “osterie” and “agriturismo” where you can taste the famous Amarone’s risotto drinking a good red wine.

Let’s get married in Valpolicella?

The Valpolicella is an ideal location for a wedding. The most romantic could choose from the many historical villas with the perfect frame of the ancient parks (Villa Rizzardi) that are often surrounded from lush wood and fantastic vineyards. To the country chic lovers lots of winery offers their location and their vineyards to celebrate a wedding. In the Lake Garda area a lots of luxury B&B offer the perfect mix between celebrate a wedding, stay and comfort, loosing yourself in nature and enjoying sports (Relais Rossar). A particular note to whom is interest in culture and luxury: Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà, where past and future meet in the temple of five stars luxury.

If you like the traditional religious wedding, there are lots of beautiful churches, otherwise if you want a civil ceremony you can choose one of the Villas where you can celebrate the marriage to continue the party in their marvellous gardens.


Palazzo Orti Manara Palazzo Turco Palazzo Bevilacqua Villa Buri-Avanzi Villa del Bene Villa marchesi Fumanel chiese valpolicella

Parks: Antico Parco Sigurtà