The landscapes, different from one another, the colours and the majesty of the Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site… And that gastronomy, which successfully combines the alpine tradition with the Mediterranean spirit but not only, South Tyrol is today the province of Italy with the highest number of starred restaurants… Promising eternal love among these natural beauties, their fragrances and aromas, is priceless, and there are many locations where you can actually do it, each with different peculiarities. Here is the selection of the 5 most exclusive venues to celebrate your wedding in South Tyrol.

Wedding in South Tyrol: your wedding at the castle

Imagine an incredible landscape where the vineyards extend to the shores of warm bathing lakes and ancient dwellings stand out against the background of imposing peaks… Right there, in every corner of South Tyrol, you can experience a wonderful wedding weekend and pronounce your memorable “Yes, I do”.

And if your dream has always been to get married in a magical place suspended “between heaven and earth”, the Hotel Frasburg – a 5-star hotel in the Merano area managed by the Ortner family – is just what you need. But not only this; just a few steps from the hotel, you can opt for the even more romantic atmosphere of the Frasburg Castle, the ideal place for a wedding in South Tyrol. A venue of timeless charm for ceremonies and receptions full of emotions, between the ancient halls of the knights and a courtyard with a breathtaking view, away from everything.

Here you will find the perfect combination of history, art and love, and tradition thanks to the delicious cuisine awarded with a Michelin star. An unforgettable stay for all your guests, thanks to the unique suites that can accommodate up to 50 people.

In Fie’ allo Scillar, a romantic and picturesque village near Bolzano, stands the Castel Prösels. Inside, being a municipal house, you can pronounce your fateful “Yes!” in the charming courtyard, in the splendid rooms of the castle, or opt for a religious ceremony in the idyllic chapel.

The perfect location for those who love ancient residences and want to experience unique emotions.

In the castle’s surroundings, you can also ensure your guests a wonderful stay at the Hotel Romantic Turm, where they will be welcomed in a stylish environment full of contrasts and a perfect symbiosis between modern design and historic walls of the thirteenth century. An unforgettable memory…

Wedding weekend between traditions and prestigious venues

As well as at Castel Rundegg, a splendid 4-star hotel where the welcome and the quality of the services offered are an absolute prerogative. An ideal venue for small and intimate weddings that celebrates the harmony of contrasts with modern atmospheres in historic places surrounded by typical South Tyrolean hospitality.

Wedding in South Tyrol: luxury venue

On the hill above Appiano, when those lands were still part of the Holy Roman Empire, stands the castle Schloss Freudenstein. The hotel welcomes its guests with an exquisite combination of mystery and historical charm, noble prestige, and modern comforts.

A princely place that offers future spouses and guests all the charm of the history and hospitality of South Tyrol. Celebrating a wedding in a historic ballroom, within the striking ancient walls, is a dream that can come true in the castle Schloss Freudenstein.

In addition to the castles, this destination is sprinkled with exclusive and luxurious locations. An example? Stephen Pramstrahler’s famous Gatschof Luxury & Spa estate. Inside he brought together his greatest passions: love for Arabian horses, wine, and gastronomy, and great enthusiasm for the magnificence of the rock and his joy for art. A unique, extraordinary location, an ecstasy of pure beauty.

Gatschof Luxury & Spa is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding of up to thirty guests or an elopement with an elegant and refined quid. Magical places where you can let yourself be carried away by scents and flavours surrounded by wild nature.

Finally, whatever the location selected for your wedding reception, a specific element will certainly not be missing: the local doc menu. And if it is made by a starred chef, as often happens in these “corners of paradise”, everything will take on an even more special “flavour”…if not exclusive!

Getting married in South Tyrol: helpful info

In which area of Italy are we located?

Northern Italy, southern slope of the Alpine chain. South Tyrol is spread over a not particularly large area of very different landscapes that wind at altitudes between 200 meters in the valley and 3,905 meters of the Ortles, the highest peak in South Tyrol. The splendid Dolomites stand out imposingly in the southeastern part of this incredible territory.

How to get around?

Airports: Innsbruck, Verona, Bergamo, Treviso, Venice, Salzburg, Munich

Train: Innsbruck-Vipiteno-Bolzano or Verona-Bolzano

Car: Brenner motorway A22