Wedding consulting

Have you already been asked if you organize weddings at your venue or/and are you receiving enquires by international clients or wedding planners and you don’t know where to start proposing your venue?  You need a wedding venue consulting!

Your property is a jewel in a fantastic place, with breathtaking views and would you like to expand your business to the wedding industry?

Actually, it could be a new source of income for your business, but you have no experience and you are afraid to make mistakes and you know that they are not allowed: the wedding day is only one, there are no replicas!

Let Us Show You How to Transform Your Wedding Venue

wedding venue consulting
wedding venue consulting




As wedding planners since 2013, we have been able to visit and selected thousands of venues in Italy and around the world and only if they have the perfect requirements we will propose them to our clients.

Using our extensive market knowledge and industry contacts, we help you create and grow a business that works for you, whether you aim for 5 weddings a year or 200 and whether weddings are your ‘all’ or a component part of your wider activity.

How we can help:


We offer a range of consulting options for short-term projects, ongoing collaborations, or wedding professionals who simply need an hour or two of our deep expertise and focused insights.

Initial Construction

Attract more wedding enquiries

Convert and secure more wedding sales

Increase your wedding turnover

Launch new offerings

Enter new target markets

Building layout consultation

Pricing & strategy

Wedding & event management

Wedding venue launch events

Complete wedding venue management

Let’s Create a Success Story

We specialize in working with boutique and historic venues.

We thrive on working with people who have a passion for their properties and want to see it succeed!

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