first influencer

Who can be considered the very first influencer in the  History?

Probably,  Chiara Ferragni comes first to your mind as first influencer

but do you know

Who was the first celebrity chef in Europe ?

Who introduced Table Manners in Europe?

Any idea?  Do you give up?

first influencer

Caterina de’ Medici was born in Florence on April 13, 1519. She was a member of the powerful  Florentine Medici family:  .

first influencer

In 1533, at the age of fourteen, Caterina married Henry d’Orléans,  the future king of France. The couple had a total of ten children, six of whom survived infancy. Because of her Wedding,  Caterina,  the great-granddaughter of Lorenzo  Il Magnifico, brought a large group of cooks (today “Chefs”) and  artisans with her to France.

The Chefs…

In particular, these Chefs, experts in preparing Florentine delicacies of the Renaissance cuisine will introduce the unique Florentine style of cooking and a large number of new ingredients to France  without forgetting Tuscan wines . Don’t you mind if I call her “first influencer”?

First influencer

first influencer

Caterina was a great cook herself too and she is known today  to be  not only the first Royal Renaissance foodie but most of  all the Florentine Queen Mother of France’s  Haute Cuisine!  She will also raise the bar on bringing the  Florentine  etiquette and decorum at table not only in France but also in all Europe !

first influencer

It is so true that if you have started planning your wedding. You will certainly look for a great Destination Wedding Planner, the perfect location and… the best catering!  But keep in mind that when you are talking about a CATERING, you are simply calling for help CATERINA de’ Medici, the very first Expert of food,wine and etiquette at table!

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Which were the table customs in Europe prior Caterina?

Which were the cooking recipes of the High Cuisine of Caterina?