Kristen and Frank: wedding at Villa Agape

Nestled amidst the Tuscan hills, where the scent of nature mingles in the air and the sun enhances its summer hues, Villa Agape stands as an elegant historic mansion. This picturesque setting served as the backdrop for Kristen and Frank’s enchanting wedding celebration. We are well aware that the magic of a perfect wedding resides in the meticulous care of every element. Every flower petal, every note of music, every piece of the gourmet menu was therefore selected and arranged with love and dedication, making Villa Agape something more than a setting: transformed by the magic of details, it became a real enchanted place. And so, surrounded by the happiness of family and close friends, Kristen and Frank exchanged vows of eternal love, pledging to journey together for a lifetime. Within the gardens of the Villa, an enchanting love story unfolded, etching itself deep into the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness this magical moment.
Bride and Groom:
Fabiola e Marco