Zoya and Matteo’s luxury wedding

In a stunning mélange of colours and cultures, Zoya and Matteo’s love story found its most romantic expression in a wedding set in the heart of Italy. The chosen venue for this magical event was the luxurious Villa Arvedi, a mansion enveloped in the lush greenery of the picturesque Venetian countryside.

To ensure that every single detail was executed with the utmost precision, Zoya and Matteo entrusted us with their dream. We worked tirelessly to create a truly magical atmosphere, where every flower, every candle, and every moment paid homage to their union. We seamlessly blended the vibrant colors and elements of tradition with the grace and elegance typical of Italian weddings, crafting an experience that left an everlasting impression in the hearts of all who were present.

Bride and Groom:
Zoya and Matteo
Villa Arvedi