Lily and Ross’ luxury wedding on Lake Como

Having always been fascinated by the enchanting landscapes of Italy, Lily and Ross chose the magical Lake Como as the backdrop for their most special day. Getting married by Lake Como felt like stepping into a true love dream for them. The breathtaking beauty of Villa Geno, adorned with delicate pastel shades of yellow and blue, created a perfect ambiance to celebrate their love. Every moment spent in this idyllic corner of paradise added a touch of magic to their ‘I do’ moment. But Lake Como is not just a beautiful place; it’s an experience in luxury. Right after exchanging vows, the newlyweds boarded a luxury boat and sailed the serene waters of Lake Como. They savored the sweetness and intimacy of the moment before rejoining their loved ones, marking the beginning of an unforgettable reception.
Bride and Groom:
Lily & Ross
Villa Geno
Alessia Angelotti
Italy Wedding Coordinator:
The Different Twins