Toile de Jouy themed wedding on Lake Garda

Lake Garda has always been considered one of the most fascinating and attractive destinations of the entire Italian landscape. With its blue tone waters where nature is the protagonist, and surrounded by mountains, it is a small precious gem recognized all over the world. Danielle and Daniel have chosen this corner of Italy to celebrate their Toile de Jouy themed wedding. Why this bucolic destination? Because this is the place of the heart, where they spent their most beautiful summer holidays and where their love blossomed.

Danielle & daniel’s Toile de Jouy themed wedding: the details

Danielle and Daniel have always envisioned their most beautiful day in the Belpaese. So, they traveled all the way from Germany to the shores of this magical lake. The wedding style they chose not only perfectly reflects their personalities but also pays homage to the current trend embraced by the greatest fashion houses such as the incomparable Dior and Cristian Lacroix: the toile-de-jouy. A romantic fabric, by nature and origin, formerly declined in the dusty colors of blue and pink, which explodes in a vitamin and energizing palette created for Danielle & Daniel. A fil rouge ran through the wedding, where a vibrant color palette and exquisite fabrics adorned with nature-inspired details took the spotlight. These elements were seamlessly incorporated into every aspect of Danielle and Daniel’s wedding project: from the elegant mise en place featuring long tablecloths in shades of blue, yellow, orange, and fuchsia — energetic colors welcoming the onset of summer — to the groom’s accessories like the bow tie and the pendant clutch bag, adding a touch of glam to the entire wedding project. The result was a bucolic atmosphere imbued with refined romanticism. Surrounded by the beauty of the landscape and lush nature, the undeniable star of the show was La Finestra sul Fiume, a heavenly oasis meticulously chosen for their big day.

a dog friendly destination wedding in Italy

The atmosphere, imbued with a fairytale allure, gifted everyone present with an unforgettable day at one of Lake Garda’s most stunning locations— a venue truly unparalleled. To make everything even more special, the sweet melodies of the flowing river water harmonized with the melodies of birds chirping. The pleasant, cool weather of that June 24th blended seamlessly with the fragrance and hues of the blooming flowers. A delicate and refreshing touch, expertly captured in the color palette chosen for the bridesmaids’ dresses and the entire floral arrangement In addition to being a Toile de Jouy themed wedding, Danielle and Daniel’s wedding day gained its unique charm from the presence of their great love: a beautiful and sweet chocolate-colored Labrador, the undisputed protagonist together with the bride and groom.  


Venue: La Finestra sul Fiume Catering: Padovani e Benuzzi Florist: Happy Flowers Tuscany Rental: Nolo Party Foto: Linda Nari Dj: Andrea Paci
Bride and Groom:
Danielle & Daniel
La Finestra sul Mare, Lake Garda