Virginia and Mattia’s dream wedding in Valpolicella

In a celebration of love amidst the scenic beauty of Valpolicella, Virginia and Mattia celebrated an enchantingly romantic wedding in bucolic style. Their quest for the ideal venue led them along the captivating shores of Lake Garda, where historical timeless charm villas are hidden among the lush vegetation. Amidst this fairytale backdrop, the graceful Villa Rizzardi stood out as the perfect location to witness their love story unfold.

Although the couple embraced the enduring elegance of simplicity as the central theme of their celebration, numerous exquisite details infused the event with an aura of sheer wonder. One such moment occurred when the bride, adorned in a flowing romantic gown, joined her groom beneath a majestic arch adorned with cascading white flowers. Beneath this ethereal floral cloud, they exchanged vows of eternal love, gifting a moment of pure magic to everyone attending.

Bride and Groom:
Virginia and Mattia
Villa Rizzardi, Valpolicella
Zonzo Studio